4 tips to get your fur baby used to its new dog bed

4 tips to get your fur baby used to its new dog bed

On request, we have compiled the best tips & tricks to get your pet used to its Cloud 9 dog bed in the best possible way. Enjoy! :) 


1. Familiar surroundings are important

We humans also have 1-2 places where we prefer to sleep and relax. Therefore, it is important to put the new cosy bed in the same place where your furry friend regularly sleeps or where the old dog bed was. Of course, if you have several dog beds available, you can also use different places.

2. It needs patience and time

Give your pet time, we also need time to get used to new things. Pet your furry friend after it has laid down and show that you are there and that it doesn't have to be afraid. It gives you also comfort to lie down with your pet once in a while. :)

3. Combine old with new

If your pet used a blanket that it loved before, you can put this blanket in its new Cloud 9 dog bed. The familiar smell of the blanket will make your dog feel "at home". 

4. Connect positive things

For example with treats! You can reward your buddy with treats when it goes near the dog bed and keep doing so until it has made itself comfortable in its cosy little bed.


Did these tips and tricks help you? Then let us know which one helped you the most!

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