The Brand built by dog owners, for dog owners

We are Pupsdream - our story

About us

PupsDreamโ„ข was founded out of love for our furry friends and is dedicated to providing products that improve the daily lives of pet and pet owners.

Being dog or cat owners ourselves, we only offer what we think is best.
That's why we don't overload ourselves with products, because we're picky, just like our pets.

We're not a big, soulless corporation, but a small family business that is passionate about offering the best for its furry friends and their owners. We do this through products that are not only innovative, but also recognised by dogs.

Most of our employees are dog owners themselves. This means that we are basically our own customers and use our own products every day

Being dog owners ourselves helps us to develop amazing products that are actually suitable for dogs, as we always test and use the products for our own cats first.

Our Story

The company was founded in the heart of leeds in 2020 and has since developed into one of the largest dog shops in the UK.Our mission was to create an online marketplace that offers dog products that not only solve a problem, but are also dog-tested and approved for dogs.Welcome to the PupsDream family!