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Protection against heatstroke, dehydration and overheating: Instant cooling for your four-legged friend โ„๏ธ

It is well known that dogs are at high risk of overheating or heat stroke on extremely hot days.

The lack of sweat glands and thick fur makes it extremely difficult for dogs to balance their body temperature.

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Optimum temperature regulation for dogs: The PetCoolยฎ 3-layer cooling technology โ˜€๏ธ

Together with veterinarians, we have developed the PetCoolยฎ cooling mat, a self-cooling & effective cooling mat that not only promotes an all-day cooling effect, but is also extremely easy to use and clean. Its 3-layer cooling technology dissipates heat away from the body, promoting maximum well-being and comfort throughout the day.

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Developed by experts: ร–kotexยฎ certified and effective cooling for all dogs ๐ŸงŠ

The PetCoolยฎ cooling mat was developed in collaboration with experts to offer your dog an effective and practical solution against the heat in summer.

The easy transportation, the self-cooling effect and the pet-friendly premium material provide an optimal solution to protect your dog from heatstroke and dehydration.

On extremely hot days, the mat can also be placed in the fridge for an even more intensive cooling effect.

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Loved by thousands of customers for a reason! ๐Ÿฅฐ

Sleeping experts recommend the PetCool cooling mat for dogs as it improves the quality of sleep by regulating the temperature. The cooling technology creates a more comfortable sleeping environment and prevents overheating, which increases the well-being of dogs. The PetCool cooling mat is therefore a sensible investment for dog owners who want their pets to sleep better.

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4.8/5 - 5,209 Reviews

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5/5 Rating

"I am absolutely delighted with the PetCool cooling mat! My dog Rocky accepted it immediately and now spends the hot summer days relaxing on the mat. The temperature regulation works brilliantly and keeps him pleasantly cool. A clear recommendation for all dog owners!"

Nicole W.

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5/5 Rating

"The PetCool cooling mat has significantly improved my dog Max's life. He was often restless, especially on hot days, but since we've had the mat he sleeps much more calmly and relaxed. The quality is great and it's easy to clean. Really a great product!"

Marco H.

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5/5 Rating

"I've been looking for a solution for a long time to give my dog Bella relief from the heat. The PetCool cooling mat is the perfect solution! Bella loves to rest on it and I have the feeling that she is much more balanced as a result. I also appreciate that the mat is environmentally friendly and safe for allergy sufferers. Highly recommended!"

Maria B.


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